Blaze K137 Wired Full Size Mechanical Keyboard (Blue Switch)


For those who love no frills keyboard, we got you. Meet ESPL Blaze K137 Wired Full sized mechanical keyboard. Simple and functional; that’s the gist of this full sized mechanical keyboard. This full sized keyboard comes with an ergonomic detachable wrist rest, a sturdy wrist support that perfectly aligns to the keyboard for a comfortable gaming session, so you feel less pressure on your wrists when gaming over a long period of time. Its weighty metal front plate helps with both function and form, keeping the keyboard firmly on your desk while keeping it looking sharp. With the cable routing option, it allows you to neatly tuck in its cable and feed it out in any direction, so you can keep your desktop clear of clutter and mess. Ideal for typists and gaming enthusiasts, this Blaze K137 wired full size keyboard strikes a perfect balance between professional and bold.


  • Blue mechanical switch
  • Ergonomic wrist rest
  • Tactile and clicky
  • Blue mechanical switch


Disclaimer: Ships only to Malaysia

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